Cranial Sacral Therapy Parramatta

Cranial Sacral Therapy Parramatta

Are you in search of the finest Cranial Sacral therapist in Parramatta? Look no further! Recovery Rehab Physiotherapy stands out as Sydney’s premier Cranial Sacral therapy center, conveniently situated just a short five-minute drive from Parramatta Square and Westfield. Sujanya Iyengar has an extensive medical background in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, a specialty in unresolved injuries and complex pain, and combines her knowledge and skills in her Cranial Sacral Therapy and Manual Therapy practice
Using the sensitivity of her hands, Sujanya detects tensions that have manifested in the muscles, nerves, organs, and tissues of the body. These tensions occur when the body has excessive stress or trauma. If the body cannot dissipate the area of tension or blockage it may become a restriction. Restrictions then cause more adjacent tension and may lead to poor circulation, decreased mobility, pain, or illness.
Do you experience migraines or chronic headaches? Explore the advantages of the Cranial Sacral, which offers a unique combination of therapies to decrease restrictions, improve health, and optimize function for babies, children, and adults. Therapeutic methods and exercises are highly effective, non-invasive, and risk-free Recovery Rehab in Parramatta provides this service as part of our physiotherapy offerings. If you’re seeking relief from persistent discomfort and need a nearby holistic therapist for a personalized management plan, consider our Parramatta Cranial Sacral Therapy conducted by our skilled physiotherapists at Recovery Rehab. We’re dedicated to assisting you.

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Local Cranial Sacral Therapist with A Difference

During a Parramatta cranial sacral therapy session, our skilled physiotherapist explores the root cause of the issue, identifying contributing factors and assessing its impact on adjacent body parts—whether the origin is physical or emotional. Through gentle detection and correction of tensions, the body is then prompted to leverage its inherent healing mechanisms, eliminating stress and kickstarting the healing process. This approach results in improved or reversed conditions, pain dissipation, and an overall enhancement of health.
In Sydney, our expert physiotherapist specializes in delivering unparalleled advice, treatments, and services specifically tailored for Cranial Sacral therapy. The personalized Recovery Rehab Cranial Sacral program offers hands-on sessions in Parramatta, fostering a lifestyle that encourages learning and wellness. Our comprehensive services are designed to assist clients facing various conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lipedema, and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).
Taking a holistic approach, our Cranial Sacral therapy integrates a range of services to meet the unique requirements of your treatment. Experience the benefits of our customized program and embark on a journey towards improved health and well-being.



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Recovery Rehab FAQ


How Much Does Parramatta Cranial Sacral Cost?

We recommend that first-time clients arrange an initial assessment in Parramatta for Cranial Sacral Therapy at a cost of $143 for a one-hour session. This facilitates a thorough evaluation of your concerns, enabling us to customize a treatment regimen tailored to your individual requirements. Subsequent sessions, ranging from half an hour to one hour, are priced between $103 and $143.
Clients possessing private health insurance may be eligible to claim reimbursements for their Parramatta Cranial Sacral Therapy sessions, subject to coverage provisions. To ascertain the specific extent of coverage offered by your insurance provider, we encourage you to directly contact them for comprehensive details.

Pediatric Cranial Sacral Therapy Parramatta (Age 2-12)
Children thoroughly enjoy the chance to enable their bodies to self-adjust and naturally heal, with appropriate support. Whether arising from extended compression in utero, the birthing process, or genetic/developmental abnormalities, Parramatta cranial sacral therapy can offer assistance. The sessions are characterized by a gentle and relaxing approach, ensuring a pleasurable experience for children. Through the application of a delicate touch in a secure and nurturing atmosphere, children frequently attain a state of calmness, and some may even drift into sleep during the Parramatta cranial sacral therapy session.
Enhance the well-being of children by addressing a spectrum of conditions and challenges through Parramatta cranial sacral therapy. This specialized therapeutic approach proves beneficial for diverse issues, including language disorders, difficulty chewing, dyslexia, headaches, behavioural disorders, emotional concerns, post-surgical scarring, unresolved pain, traumatic impact, processing disorders, learning difficulties, sensory integration dysfunction, fine and gross motor delays, sensory regulation disorders, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, chronic ear infections, auditory neuropathy, and scoliosis.

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