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Struggling with hip, groin, buttock, or pelvic pain and can’t find the right help? Seeking expert advice on your hip condition? Look no further than Recovery Rehab—your go-to destination for hip physiotherapy in Westmead. Our specialists excel in assessing and rehabilitating hip, groin, buttock, and pelvic pain and injuries. Get the expert care you need for your Westmead hip pain today.

Comprehensive Physiotherapy Assessment for Hip and Groin Pain in Westmead

At our Westmead clinic, we specialize in physiotherapy assessments for hip and groin pain. Our experienced physiotherapists will evaluate superficial injuries like bruising and swelling in the affected area. They will also conduct various orthopedic, non-invasive tests to pinpoint the exact location and cause of your hip pain.

During your assessment, you can expect our physiotherapists to palpate the structures around your hip, observe your movement and functional activities (such as squatting and bending forward), and assess the strength of the muscles in your hip and groin region. If necessary, additional imaging tests like X-rays, MRIs, or ultrasounds may be recommended to provide a thorough evaluation.

If you’re experiencing hip pain in Westmead, our expert team is here to help you find the cause and get you on the path to recovery.

At Recovery Rehab, we employ a comprehensive assessment approach grounded in scientific research. This allows us to thoroughly evaluate not just your current issues, but also any underlying or contributing factors. These factors may include:

  • Unresolved restrictions or weaknesses from previous injuries

  • Natural bony structure

  • Postural and movement habits

  • Work tasks and setup

  • Repetitive daily activities

  • Athletic training routines

  • Sporting techniques

  • Sporting equipment and setup

  • General conditioning

  • Stress

  • Recovery and sleep routines

  • Referring leg pain that originates from the back.

Effective Treatment for Hip Pain Injury in Westmead

At Recovery Rehab, we create personalized programs to ensure the best outcomes for individuals experiencing hip, groin, and buttock pain.

Manual Therapy: During your initial consultation at Recovery Rehab, our physiotherapists will use manual treatment techniques to help reduce acute pain and enhance function.

Taping: Our skilled physios utilize high-quality taping methods at Recovery Rehab to provide stability during the acute phase of your treatment plan, crucial for managing hip pain in Westmead.

Dry Needling: Sujanya Iyengar, our principal physiotherapist at Recovery Rehab in Westmead, specializes in dry needling, offering it as an additional treatment to improve muscle function and alleviate pain.

We are here to help you with your hip pain in Westmead. You’ve endured enough! It’s time to manage your condition effectively so you can get back to your daily activities and, more importantly, enjoy the things you love to do!


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Common Hip Injuries We Can Help with at Westmead

Hip Tendinopathy/Tendonitis:

Hip tendinopathies, often caused by the overloading of tendons around the hip due to poor biomechanics during repeated movements, present as initial pain at the start of an activity that eases as the hip warms up, followed by pain a few hours post-activity once the area cools down. The treatment for hip tendinopathy varies with the stage of the injury, and a Physiotherapist can assess your condition to develop a personalized rehab plan. If you’re experiencing  hip pain, our recovery rehab Physiotherapist can guide you through effective treatments.

Hip Bursitis:

Hip bursitis involves inflammation of the hip bursa, typically triggered by repetitive irritation. This condition is often linked to overuse or muscle weakness around the hip, resulting in increased pressure on the bursa. Pain from bursitis is usually sharp and exacerbated by joint use, though it may also ache when the joint is at rest or during the night. If you have hip bursitis, our Physiotherapists in Westmead can offer treatments to alleviate pain, recommend activity modifications, and create a specific exercise program to strengthen the affected muscles, reducing  hip pain.

Hip Impingement:

This occurs when abnormal contact between the thighbone and the hip joint socket results in sharp, pinching pain, particularly during activities involving significant hip flexion such as sitting, walking, or squatting. Hip impingement typically restricts the range of motion, especially in hip flexion and internal rotation. Our Westmead Physiotherapist can help relieve symptoms, educate you on exercises to restore motion, and improve hip strength to correct movement patterns. Ignoring hip impingement can lead to cartilage damage, labral tears, or osteoarthritis.


Arthritis in the hip joint leads to degeneration, causing restricted movement, pain, and joint weakness. Our Westmead hip pain Physio can provide strengthening exercises to increase flexibility and decrease pain associated with arthritis, helping you manage symptoms effectively.

If you are dealing with any form of hip pain, our experienced Physiotherapists are here to provide comprehensive assessments and personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs.


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