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Recovery Rehab Physiotherapy offers customized care with a hands-on approach, aiming to help you achieve your best life. Your well-being is our primary concern. When you meet our physiotherapist for the first time, we’ll start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your entire body, examining your nerves, mobility, and joints. Subsequently, we will systematically investigate to identify the underlying cause of your condition. Our exceptional physiotherapy services in the Westmead area set Recovery Rehab apart as the preferred choice for specialized care.

To address your inflammation-related problems, we offer a combination of Physiotherapy (RM), craniosacral therapy, and Lymphatic drainage therapy. This non-medication treatment is designed to reduce pain, improve the health of three vital body systems, and tackle the underlying causes of joint discomfort. Our approach focuses on enhancing the Circulatory System, Immune System, and Neuro Musculoskeletal System to work better.

Recovery Rehab Physiotherapy – Treatment Plan at Westmead Clinic

What is your purpose in choosing Recovery Rehab in Westmead, and do you need to consult with medical experts or undergo tests like an MRI, X-ray, blood tests, or see a doctor at this point? Tell us your story and goals.

We begin by understanding your reasons for coming to Recovery Rehab in westmead and what you hope to achieve. We know how frustrating it can be when your body doesn’t cooperate, and we want to hear about your experiences. Together, we’ll identify your top priority and work towards your goal. At our Physiotherapist Sujanya Iyengar can run tests to see if you need medical exams like scans or blood tests or consultations with other healthcare professionals. We’ll always respect your choice of pronouns and name in these interactions.

Physio in Westmead

Check if your nerves play a part in the underlying issue by testing them and educating clients how to keep their nerves healthy

As an experienced nerve-focused physiotherapist, Sujanya Iyengar uses gentle, painless tests to determine if your nerves are involved in your condition and to what extent. If nerve irritation is found, we prioritize your treatment, customized to your needs. Our goal is to restore full nerve function. We Educate you how to maintain nerve health between sessions to manage your condition.  If there’s no nerve irritation, we proceed to RR Phase 3

A careful evaluation of your entire body, including your muscles, joints, movements, thoughts, and concerns.

Once your nerves have calmed down completely (or if there’s no nerve issue), we’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your entire body, which includes your muscles, joints, movements, and even your thoughts and concerns.As brain is responsible for the functioning of every single cell and structure in the body,it is very crucial to establish the brain body connection back to bring the body back to full functionality. This step is crucial because it helps us avoid overlooking any potential factors contributing to your condition. This connects to the approach of Recovery Rehab’s physiotherapist,  Sujanya Iyengar.

Physio in Westmead

A methodical testing procedure is used to determine the root cause behind your condition

After a thorough assessment conducted by our skilled physiotherapist, Sujanya Iyengar, a list of important observations wll be compiled about your body. These observations may include issues like affected nerves,tense muscles, stiff joints, weak muscle groups, concerns about your posture, and more. It’s common to have quite a few observations on this list.

Together with Sujanya Iyengar, we will decide which of these observations should be addressed first. To do this, we’ll use Spinal movements,Treatment-Direction-Tests (TDTs) to assess the specific movements that matter most to you. For example, if raising your arm above your head or bending down to touch your toes is crucial for your recovery, we’ll focus on testing those movements. Through the TDT process, we’ll identify which observation in your body is causing your condition.

Interestingly, the root cause of your symptoms is often not exactly where you feel the discomfort. This can be a bit puzzling, so it’s important to discuss this with your physiotherapist at Recovery Rehab, Westmead

We’ll work on fixing the main issue and keep checking to make sure you get the best outcome. 

We will address your main problem and regularly check your progress to ensure you achieve the best results. Sujanya Iyengar, the Recovery Rehab physiotherapist, will be involved in this process. Once we identify the root cause, we’ll work to minimise its impact on the rest of your body. We’ll keep monitoring your movements, muscles, and joints to measure how much you’re benefiting from the treatment. This approach will help us confirm that we’re making progress toward your goals and achieving positive outcomes.

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We teach you how to address the root problem by retraining your muscles and practising on your own.

To avoid further strain on the main issue causing your condition, we’ll guide you in two crucial aspects of self-care.

  •  We’ll teach you how to address the underlying problem yourself or how someone close, like a partner, family member, or friend, can assist you in this process.
  • We’ll also show you how to use your body in a way that prevents additional strain on that specific area. This might involve adjusting your posture at work or strengthening certain muscle groups to enhance your running technique, depending on your unique needs. We’ll tailor this approach to fit you individually. If there’s a particular technique or posture you’d like us to review, feel free to ask, and we’ll focus on it during our sessions when appropriate. You can connect with  Sujanya Iyengar, our Recovery Rehab physiotherapist, for further guidance.
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 we conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the areas where the nervous system is contributing to discomfort and weakness in your nerves, muscles, and joints.

Our treatment process is centred on addressing the root cause of the issue and the underlying injury, which is often overlooked, rather than merely alleviating symptoms. By evaluating the protective responses of the nervous system, we effectively address and resolve pain and injury concerns.

Physiotherapist Sujanya Iyengar conveniently provides a comprehensive range of therapies under one roof, located in Westmead. We proudly serve areas just outside Westmead, including Parramatta, Wentworthville, Merrylands, Mays Hill, Greystanes, Blacktown and Penrith.

  • Longer Appointments: We provide longer appointment times, giving you more value from each session and helping you achieve your best results as quickly as possible.
  • Education and Prevention: We’ll educate you about your condition, preventive strategies, and ways to maintain optimal musculoskeletal health.
  • Barrier Removal: We’ll work with you to eliminate any obstacles, ensuring that we’re the right practitioners for your needs.
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